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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions about this 4 Day MBA program on the Virtual Training System (VT System).
Yes, that is highly recommended too. This program has so much valuable information in it, you will absolutely want to go through it several times.
Yes, the VT System is fully mobile responsive.
Over 30 hours total. Each day is approx 7.5 hours of material, and we recommend you go through it in two hour sittings, which will be 4 to 5 chapters per sitting. We will tell you along the way when to take breaks, and it parallels what we do in a live workshop, where there are recesses every two hours and then lunch, etc.
Yes, the VT System will mark each chapter, and then course, complete when you finish it, and you can go back and retake any chapter at any time. Each interactive chapter video will remember the minute and second count you are on too, in case you need to exit in the middle of a chapter and come back later.
Yes, in the “File Vault” you will find the full student binder as well as several other resources that Keith provides in this program. You can print it out all at once, or if you just go through the chapters, we will present you the specific portions of the binder as a PDF along the way, so that you can print out just what you need on each chapter and not have to print the whole binder at once.
LightSpeed VT is the technology partner that “virtualized” the workshops from Keys to the Vault, and LightSpeed VT is what you will see on your bank statement for the purchase of this program.

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